Thursday, October 6, 2011

Worst Nobel Prizes Ever!

1. Physics:
Awarded for the invention of the Ring of Invisibility, but no Frodo and no Golem!  And batteries not included!  (Not precious.  Not precious at all.)

2. Literature:
"Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Pubic Hairs."  A young wizard's discovery of his changing body, as if by magic.

3. Peace:
Awarded to some dove they found in magician David Copperfield's pants.  It was covered with strange hairs.

4. Chemistry:
Non-intoxicating crystal meth.  Charlie Sheen was upset over this for two and a half weeks.

5. Medicine:
Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA serum.  Charlie Sheen was high over this for two and a half weeks.  Charlie Sheen was so happy, he "donated" his Nobel Prize money to his crystal meth dealer.

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