Friday, October 14, 2011

Best Superhero Fashion Accessories Ever!

1. The Superhero Cape:
Both stylish and practical.  Useful for hiding weapons and evildoer bloodstains.  Also useful for detecting which way the wind is blowing.

2. Customized Utility Belt:
A handy way to store crime fighting gadgets while on the go.  Also holds up one's pants which is important since crime fighting burns up a lot of calories, resulting in rapid weight loss.

3. Speedo Underwear Worn On The Outside Of Tights:
It helps emphasize a superhero's bulging masculinity.  Useful in attracting damsels in distress and crotch sniffing dogs.

4. Superhero Emblem:
Usually emblazoned on a superhero's chest, it distinguishes one's personal set of speedo underwear worn on the outside of tights from every other speedo underwear worn on the outside of tights.  Useful for marketing one's heroic deeds in the media and getting the all-important merchandising deals.  Speedos cost money after all.

5. The Mask:
It protects a superhero's secret identity and instantly transforms ugly superheroes into magazine cover mystery men of action.  Also good for bank robberies.  Speedos cost money after all.

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