Friday, September 30, 2011

Best New Careers For Charlie Sheen... Ever!

1. Two And A Half Men?:
It stars Charlie Sheen and his father Martin Sheen who's trying to save Charlie from his out of control, drug addled, sex depraved life.  The 1/2 man is played by a transvestite prostitute Charlie picked up.

2. Born Again Christian Televangelist:
Charlie Sheen's "redemption" story will include encounters with transvestite prostitutes.  But that was before he found Jesus (Jesus is a Hispanic drug dealer friend and wise man).

3. Crackhouse Manager:
Charlie Sheen can combine his work and play.  (Do they still have crackhouses?  Don't hear about them much these days.)

4. Spin City 2 And 1/2:
This time the spinning is Charlie Sheen's drug-induced dizziness.  (Guest starring Michael J. Fox!)

5. Inventor Of Tiger Blood And Adonis DNA Serum:
This scientific achievement will transform an ordinary man into a god!  (The Ancient Greek type of god who wear togas and eat grapes over their heads.)

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