Thursday, September 22, 2011

Worst Donald Trump Projects Ever!

1. The Trump Sewage Processing Plant In Beautiful Atlantic City:
Since this gold-plated waste facility began operating, a record number of old men with metal detectors at the beach have found "treasure" consisting of toxic metals.  (Coincidence?  I think not!)

2. The Search For Barack Obama's Birth Certificate:
According to Trump: "I've made some incredible discoveries!  I discovered that Barack Obama has no library card!"

3. The "You're Fired!" Triangle Shirtwaist Factory:
Named after the infamous burned building and site of many tragic deaths, Trump shows his trademark "class."  (It's gold-plated to match the color of fire.)

4. The New Miss Universe Pageant:
It features Jabba the Hutt's wife representing planet Tatooine.

5. Donald Trump's Meticulously Constructed Comb Over:
You're not fooling anyone.

6. "Apprentice: Comb Over":
Learn from the master how to build a meticulously constructed comb over.

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