Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best Financial Disasters Ever!

1. The Bubblegum Bubble Burst Of 1929:
Bootleg liquor smugglers, swinging flappers, Dust Bowl farmers, and FDR were all covered by a thin layer of gum... which of course gummed up the economy for the next decade.

2. Prior To Bernie Madoff's Pyramid Scheme Collapsing, Madoff's Lesser Known Octagon Scheme Went Belly Up.

3. The Explosion Of The "Star Wars" Death Star:
According to "Robot Chicken," the Emperor hadn't even made all the payments on it yet.  But don't worry, TARP bailed him out.

4. The Explosion Of The "Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi" Death Star 2:
TARP 2.  It's a good thing the galaxy has so many taxpayers.

5. When A Bird Landed On Richie Rich's Solid Gold Mansion, Exceeding the Weight Limit Of The Ground Below:
This resulted in the mansion sinking to the center of the earth with Richie Rich trapped inside.  (Hooray for gravity!)

6. The Downgrading Of The U.S. Debt Rating:
This will increase interest rates for loans, making it impossible to build Death Star 3.  (We love "Star Wars" but 6 movies are enough.)

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