Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best News Stories of the Week!

1. U.S. Congress Announces New Budget Cuts.
The price of congressional haircuts will be reduced by 50%, thus saving taxpayers over 2 trillion dollars annually.  (If the government says so, it MUST be true!  If you do not believe it to be true, please fill out Form 1040-IOU and submit it to George W. Bush's ranch.)

2. Speaker Of The House John Boehner Says, "These Cuts Are Sweeping.  They Will Be Swept Off The Floor After Every Trim."
Mr. Boehner then began his usual 4 p.m. crying and asked that his tears be swept off his face.  (Mopped, sir.  The correct word is mopped.)

3. George W. Bush Seen Cutting The Bushes Outside His Ranch.
Mr. Bush was then seen burning piles of Form 1040-IOU.

A funny cartoon!  If cows could talk, this is what they would say.  Click here for more info.

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